Summer Honesty

If you follow my business and posts, you notice that I don’t write much.  I ENJOY dyeing yarn VERY much, and I LOVE to knit, but I don’t have a deep need to write about it.  I’m coming clean, being honest here:  I don’t really like to write posts.  Since it’s important in this business, I’m trying; and I figure the only way I’m going to have any success with this (or sanity) is to be honest about it.  There it is; thanks for “listening.”

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the pink lace shawl: “Two-Color Triangle”

Two-Color Triangle Shawl

From the Spring/Summer 2016 Vogue Knitting mag.

First I spun a 4oz Tempting Ewe bag from Clover Hill yarns.  454 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn.  It’s the lighter-colored yarn in the picture.

Secondly I put some Wild Rose Suri Alpaca lace weight yarn (a gift from my youngest daughter, Bethany) with a hank of Wildfoot wool sock yarn, left over from another project.

The yarn I spun along with the combination of Suri Alpaca and wool made the two yarns needed for this interesting and fun shawl.

close up

close up

I’m also working on a baby blanket and a scarf.  I’ll write briefly about those too since I’m nearly done.


I’ve been dyeing some gorgeous stuff, but nothing new yet…..soon…..and now the function to add pictures is not working, so I can’t even show you what I dyed.  Sigh…..I’ll keep working on it.